Digital Telepathy Is The Future Of The Human Species

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The story of life on Earth thus far has had an unmistakable direction, and it has moved toward greater complexity. Sure, evolution has seen lots of fits and starts and collapses and mass extinctions. And yes, some replicators (like viruses) seem to have become less complex over time. But from a 100,000 foot view of Earth in the last, say, 4.5 billion years, the direction of life on Earth looks approximately clear: given enough time, a process that started with simple organic molecules slowly-but-steadily built organisms with brains that can reflect on themselves. The evolutionary process takes awhile, but eventually, humans show up — social animals with brains that can develop language, iterate on tools, and reflect on their own nature (among lots of other amazing things). What do we then do with these miraculous brains? We launch a new kind of evolution. Full article via TechCrunch.

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