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Downtown Hotel Anomaly

Background story: In August 2007, my family went on a weekend trip to Ottawa and we stayed in a downtown hotel. On the morning of August 4th, 2007, I took several pictures of the room and 2 pictures of my son (he was 4 year old at the time). Nothing was out of the ordinary and eventually we came back home to Montreal. It was only a few weeks later while I was looking over the pics that I noticed something disturbing in one of the two pictures I took of my son. I couldn’t believe what I saw and I just put the picture away. Even to this day I almost never look at it since I find the picture disturbing and the fact that its positioned directly in front of my son. There’s two holes or eyes and what looks like something is dripping down from it.

This is an authentic picture. I did not modify it in anyway except adding a black box over my son’s eyes to protect his identity.

If a paranormal investigator or medium could let me now that it is/means I’d like to know.



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