"Dreadnoughtus" Dinosaur Was One of World's Largest

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The NFL’s season officially opens tonight as Seattle and Green Bay duke it out in prime time. But if you placed both teams’ 53 players on a scale, their combined weight would only be a fifth of a newly discovered supermassive species of dinosaur dubbed Dreadnoughtus schrani. Weighing in at more than 65 tons and measuring 85 feet from head to toe, Dreadnoughtus is among the largest dinosaurs belonging to the gigantic family known as titanosaurs. To date, it is the most complete skeleton of a gigantic dinosaur, which allowed researchers to accurately calculate its size. Dreadnought is an Old English word that means “fear nothing,” and at seven times the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex, researchers say the aptly named Dreadnoughtus was nearly impervious to attack. The new dinosaur lived roughly 77 million years ago in temperate forests on the tip of what is now South America. Like other titanosaurs, Dreadnoughtus was a vegetarian. via DiscoverMagazine.com.

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