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Fri July 6 - Ed Leszynski - The Truth About Electronic Harassment

Ed Leszynski seeks to educate and inform the population about the harmful effects electronic harassment, from migraines to leukemia in small children and animals, and tumors and cancers in the elderly and many other symptoms. He will also discuss the horrifying effects of killing seeds, if planted in a high-energy area. BIO: Edward Leszynski, a Private Investigator for Special Solutions Ltd. In Chicago, is the company’s lead consultant on matters such as Electronic Harassment, and the Managing Director of Operations for the firm. For the last five years he has studied, cataloged and investigated anomalous and even paranormal events in the hope of expanding explanations for these phenomena. He is also currently working to legitimize Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity among members of the Medical Community, who fear a stigma to their careers due to informational suppression. www.specialsol.com www.electronicharassment.net

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