The Eerie World of Bigfoot Sound Recordings

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In the world of Bigfoot research there are many forms of supposed evidence that have been put forward over the years. One is photographic evidence, which includes various videos and countless photographs allegedly taken of the mysterious creatures. While some of these have turned out to be compelling, they are generally famous for their blurry and inconsistent quality, and have remained very controversial and inconclusive. There is also the physical evidence, such as footprints, hairs, supposed Bigfoot shelters, and rockpiles out in the wilderness with inscrutable purposes, but this evidence too has remained inconclusive, often faked, and merely serves to be alluring but ultimately frustrating. Perhaps one of the more intriguing, and indeed eerier of the different forms of Bigfoot evidence is that of the auditory kind, wherein recordings have been put forward alleging to capture the sounds of the elusive creatures. Here we have spooky vocalizations generated by purported Bigfoot that not only capture the imagination, but also serve to create an unsettling feeling with their unearthly howls, whistles, wails, and even speech. By far the clearest, most compelling, well-known, and oft-debated of the numerous recordings of Sasquatch sounds are what have come to be commonly called “The Sierra Sounds.” The origins of these anomalous recordings begin in 1971, when a man named Ron Morehead, of Merced, California, heard an account from a friend of his, in which he had been on a hunting trip in the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and Nevada, during which he and his hunting companions had encountered a huge, hairy ape-like beast that had approached them and issued otherworldly screeches and howls, enough to cause one of the hunters to run away in abject terror.

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