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Eight Members of Iran's 'Women's' Soccer Team Are Men Awaiting Sex Change Surgery

Eight members of Iran’s women’s soccer team are men, a report says. However, Iranian authorities explained the problem away by insisting that all eight men are transgender and awaiting sex change surgery. Despite the government’s claims about the impending surgeries, Iran’s team was called “unethical” for being filled with stronger, faster men, according to The Telegraph. The news broke after an Iranian official, Mojtabi Sharifi, admitted that “ have been playing with Iran’s female team without completing sex change operations.” Soccer authorities ordered all members of Iran’s team to undergo gender testing. The names of the males in the team were not identified. “Gender change operations are legal in Iran according to a fatwa – or religious ruling – pronounced by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution,” the Telegraph reports. Read More: Breitbart

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