Thu June 28 - Elizabeth Flores - The Story Of The Turpin Case Arrest

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Elizabeth will be discussing her life and how her sister's obsession with Satanic rituals, spells, and Ouija board caused her to allegedly abuse her children. BIO: Elizabeth was born and raised in Princeton, WV where she grew up with a strong religious background. She is currently an international speaker and multi- time best selling author, speaking out about her relationship with abuse. She appeared in many talk shows including; Good Morning America, 20/20, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Good Morning Britain, 700 Club Canada, Kandi Rose Show, and KFI AM 640 Radio. She also has articles in People Magazine, USA Today, several newspapers including international newspapers and more. She also speaks to christian and secular audiences all over United States. News Reference: Sister of Louise Turpin fears witchcraft obsession fueled alleged child abuse against 13 kids

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