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Tue Mar 19 (Hour 3) - Elizabeth W. Haussmann - Undead & Buried: A Modern Day Haunting

Beth Haussmann thought she found the home of her dreams, she was quickly reminded nightmares are dreams too. Tonight Beth shares her deeply personal and startling supernatural story, a tale laced with Stalking, Hauntings, Demonic infestation and an Exorcism. facebook.com/The-Woman-Beneath-the-Tree Beth Haussmann bought her very first home in 2011. It was a rural property with a parsonage and a closed Catholic Church. Within hours of taking possession of the property she began to experience inexplicable events. Initially she brushed them off with practical explanations but then they became frequent and more bizarre. Single and living alone with her cat, it evolved into a terrifying six years of demonic oppression by three demonic entities which resided on the property. With the help of two psychics and a deliverance minister she would discover what they were, why they resided on the property and the dark secrets of her neighbors in this remote corner of this rural Iowa County.

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