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Tue Dec 25 - Ellen Evert Hopman - The Real Witches of New England

Ellen Evert Hopman reveals what it really means to be a witch.

www.elleneverthopman.com @EllenEHopman BIO: Ellen Evert Hopman is Archdruid of Tribe of the Oak, an international Druid teaching Grove based in New England, a founder of The Order of White Oak and a member of The Grey Council of Mages and Sages. She has also been a teacher of Herbalism since 1983 and of Druidism since 1990. She is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and has presented on Druidism, herbal lore, tree lore, Paganism and magic at conferences, festivals, and events in Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and in the United States. She currently lives in New England.

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