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‘Europa Report’ director explains how he put the science back in science fiction

At a time when most “science fiction” movies tend to sacrifice science for fiction in the pursuit of mainstream appeal, Europa Report offers a welcome reminder that a great sci-fi story need not always be the effects-driven, explosion-filled, alien-fighting spectacle we’ve grown accustomed to in recent years. Directed by Ecuadorian filmmaker Sebastian Cordero, Europa Report tells the story of six astronauts on a mission to Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, on a search for signs of life beneath its frozen surface. The trip is a long one — lasting several years — and along the way they lose one of their crew members as well as their communication link with Earth. The film chronicles the crew’s difficult journey to Europa and the surprises that await them when they finally arrive. Among the film’s cast is District 9 star Sharlto Copley, Embeth Davidtz (Army of Darkness), and Michael Nyqvist (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). Filmed in a found footage style, the story unfolds through the lenses of cameras positioned throughout the spacecraft, as well as archival footage featuring both fictional scientists and real-world experts in the field (including well-known astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson). Read Interview at Digital Trends.

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