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Evil Pac-Man

Hello! I wanted to tell you a short back story for this photo and tell you it is 100% true story as well as 100% un-messed with no color alterations or photo shopping at all. I bought a book and just had it for a few months, to be ready for when I had time to read it, heard weird noises for ages but thought it was a animal under the house or something. I came in from work one day and just picked it up without any warning or prior thought about it and started reading it, it did something to me, hypnotized me or something because I felt different from then on, I had it about two more weeks and was super edgy, paranoid and just unpleasant to deal with.. A close friend came to my house one day after I had told him I started to read this book and he put it together that might be the factor, when he tried to take it from me I got really mad like irrationally mad at him because the book scared me at this point and I didn't want it in the house anymore anyways but when it came time to give it up something didn't want me to let it go. Well he took it, despite my protests and went straight home and burned it. This is the picture he sent me showing it burning. After this everything felt normal again, I actually slept that night and the noises went away too.

Thank you for all yall do, I love your show!


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