Exodus to Extraterrestrial Radio

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Art Bell returns to the airwaves this fall. Fittingly, he won’t be broadcasting on terrestrial radio. The out-of-this-world host comes back on SiriusXM — extraterrestrial radio if you will. The late-night talker’s hardcore followers may be disappointed that their guru chooses to broadcast via satellite radio instead of mental telepathy. But at least they’ll hear him regularly, a joy they haven’t been able to indulge since the latest of Bell’s retirements over a decade ago. For the uninitiated, Bell comes across as an amalgamation of The X Files’ three “lone gunmen”; his show evokes In Search Of on the radio. The conspiracy theorists, alien abductees, and remote viewers laughed off the lines elsewhere on the dial win a respectful hearing here. Read More at The American Spectator.

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