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Experts Say UFO Pictures Not Faked

An Unidentified Flying Object accidently photographed last month above the skies of Muiderslot Castle, a medieval monument built in 1285 near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, set the internet abuzz this week. After much speculation on the authenticity of the pictures, experts now suggest that though the video is “not fake” or doctored, there is perhaps an explanation to what can be seen in the picture. The picture in question was clicked on 25 May by Corinne Federer who was visiting the historic building with her mother. Federer wrote in her blog that she was shooting the picture on High Dynamic Range when she came across the bizarre object. "I was shooting with a very wide angle lens Nikon 14-24 which can capture quite a large scene. It was shot with a Nikon D800 with is a 36mp camera so also very detailed when blown up. I was also shooting HDR which means I was taking multiple exposures at once. In this case it was 5 exposures," 43-year-old Federer, wrote on her blog site. via IBTimes UK.

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