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The Famous Shell Gas Station Toilet in the Philippines

A toilet here in Bohol is currently making a buzz in the internet world when a foreigner uploaded a video of his visit at the Shell Gas Station. The video was mentioned on various sites which made the toilet more popular. Due to curiosity of what makes the toilet famous, I visited the Shell Gas Station’s famous toilet. When you enter a public toilet, you would first notice the smell of the place. When I entered the Shell gas station’s toilet, my experience was totally different since the smell was very good. The room was just like I was inside a luxurious hotel. The background music added more appeal to the place. With the slow music and Christmas songs playing, the place tempted me to stay longer. Since the toilet is very clean and well-maintained, the place definitely provides the meaning of CR – Comfort Room. I was not only relaxed with the ambiance of the toilet but I also enjoyed looking at the displayed magazines and souvenir items. There was one thing that caught my attention inside the comfort room, the telephone. Yes, there is a telephone inside the toilet. During my stay at the toilet, I enjoyed taking a lot of pictures and video of the place. I was not bothered if someone was waiting for me to go outside since it was raining so hard. The design and the displays of the women’s toilet is just the same with the toilet for men since I asked someone if I could take a peek at the room. If you happen to be in Tagbilaran city, you can visit the famous toilet and be amazed with the comfort the toilet brings. According to some of the employees, the Calceta branch of Shell Gas station is also having a good design of their toilet. via boholic.com.

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