Fire Department Ghost Photo

Posted by K R on

Keith, they said tonight that you can't see ghosts or EVP's in structure fires? Well check out this one!

Look in the big picture window. Don't see it? His head begins at the top, goes down. The right side is distorted by white light and the left side goes down and just above the window seal, his beard starts. His mustache goes below the it with a faint chin. In the middle just left of the bright light you can see a partial nose and a eye. He appears to have a high hairline like he is from the late 1800's.

I took photos for the Shelton Fire Department and also a Fire investigator for 10 years, 1996 - 2006. This was taken on H St. on Easter Morning 2000 in Shelton, WA. This pic has been confirmed by everyone I used to work within my Fire Dept in Shelton, WA at the time and was even printed in the local newspaper.


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