Flight makes emergency landing after cabin walls buckle

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A lot of people claim that flying is a far safer mode of travel than driving. Statistically, this is true. But if a crack appears in the panel of your car’s door you can just pull over and take a look at it. When it happens on a plane, you would probably think the thing is about to disintegrate at 30,000 feet. This is what happened when the cabin of an American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas buckled just after take off. Cracks appeared in the interior walls of the plane, causing panicked passengers to look to the heavens. Posting on Facebook, passenger James Wilson captioned a photo of the damage with, ‘American Flight 2293 depressurized and started coming apart mid air. Please pray for us.’ Speaking to NBC, an American Airlines spokesman said the cabin never lost pressure so ‘oxygen masks were never deployed.’ Technically, this means the plane was still fit to fly. via Metro News.

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