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Florida may pass "Sunshine Protection Act" and go on Daylight Saving Time all year round

This is a very good idea that all of North America should consider. At sunset on some beaches in Florida, a lot of people gather with a bottle of wine and applaud the sunset. An extra hour of sunshine in the evening would just extend the party. That's one reason that the wonderfully named "Sunshine Protection Act" is working its way through the Florida legislature. It makes a lot of sense; the sponsor of the bill notes that stores serving tourists would do more business, and schools could save money lighting their softball fields. Another sponsor noted: Studies have found that observing Daylight Saving Times year-round would boost the economy, save energy, improve road and public safety, and reduce crime due to the fact there is more sunlight in the evening hours. This is the first great step to putting more sunshine in our lives. How many times have you gotten home from work in the winter time and you’d like to throw the football, dip a line in, or go out to dinner with your spouse? This will give people the opportunity to have more quality time when it’s nicest in Florida.

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