The Four Horsemen Of The Cyber Apocalypse

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If 2014 did anything good for cybersecurity, it showed us just how exposed major corporations, governments and militaries are to cyber attacks. From vulnerabilities in our power grids to our cash registers, cyber attacks have become the $400 billion problem. And while the attacks differ in motive and method, there are four consistent perpetrators charging at us at full speed – and we need to rein them in. These “Four Horsemen” point us to the components we can expect to see used by hackers in 2015: exploits in unpatchable systems; recycled malware hidden imperceptibly; and human error. Studying these harbingers could very well save us from a potential cyber catastrophe. 1. Unpatched and Unpatchable Systems Heartbleed. What happens when you discover your safety net has gaping holes? The Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered in Open SSL, a data encryption software that is supposed to protect sensitive information. Heartbleed sent shockwaves through the IT world when it was discovered back in April because of the widespread use of OpenSSL in many sites and the easily available exploits that can be used against it. These exploits allow attackers to reach large amounts of sensitive information, such as passwords and usernames, through holes in software that is supposed to protect that information. Heartbleed has widespread and long-term implications. Though a patched version of the software has been issued, many of the systems that were developed to use OpenSSL are not updated because their hardware is not built for updates. As long as these critical systems are operating, they are wide open to exploitation. Read More via TechCrunch.

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