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Four new suspected cases of Ebola in Spain

Spanish authorities reported four new patients with suspected Ebola symptoms today, including a feverish passenger who started shaking on an Air France flight to Madrid and a Spanish priest who had recently been in Liberia. Three of the cases were in the capital and the fourth in the Canary Islands, where a health source said two other people were admitted to hospital for precautionary monitoring. The priest, who arrived in Spain on Oct.11, was being taken to hospital after developing a fever, one of the symptoms of the disease, the Spanish government's Ebola committee said. He was from the same religious order as two other Spanish priests who died in Madrid in recent weeks after contracting the deadly virus in West Africa, one in Liberia and one in Sierra Leone, they said. Spain has been on high alert for Ebola after a nurse who cared for the two deceased priests in Madrid, Teresa Romero, became the first person outside Africa to become infected in the current outbreak. Her case prompted recriminations over how prepared the country was to deal with the disease. via Independent.ie.

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