Mon Dec 23 (Hour 1) Genny Krackau - NDE's on the Battlefield

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Genny Krackau will be sharing extraordinary stories of Veterans and their war stories as it led to near-death experiences (NDE), out-of-body experiences (OBE), and spiritually transformative experiences (STE), and how these experiences changed their lives forever. Genny Krackau, author and life resident of San Antonio, Texas, military city USA. She spent the majority of her civil service career working in the U.S. Army Medial Department (AMEDD) and retired from the U.S. Army Medical Command at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. After her retirement she worked several government contract jobs in clinical research. She is currently working a research study in the emergency rooms at the University Hospital and Brooke Army Medical Center. Of special interest, Genny worked on a research study with wounded warriors with combat related injuries. Additional research included military and civilian burn injuries, supporting a clinical trial for patients with head injuries and hearing conservation research with the Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence. Genny personally relates to near-death experiencers because she herself has had spiritual experiences beginning in childhood. She continues to volunteer her services to veterans by participating in Veterans NDE panel discussions and as a Military/Vet NDE workshop presenter for the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) conferences. She will be collaborating with award-winning author VietNam Veteran Rev. Bill McDonald on Volume 2 of her current book, Beyond The Explosion.

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