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Get Ready for the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Bonanza!!

Blue Moon: the second full moon in a month with two full moons. Lunar eclipse: obscuring of the moon that occurs when it passes directly behind the Earth into its shadow. Super moon: a full moon coinciding with the closest distance that the Moon reaches to Earth in its elliptic orbit, resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual appearance. Blood moon: A reddish super moon caused when Earth’s atmosphere refracts green to violet, giving the moon a red tinge. Super Blue Blood Moon: the celestial phenomenon occurring on January 31st, 2018, that will end life as we know it. OK, that last half of the last one isn’t true (as far as we know), but it’s definitely going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, unless you’re 152 years old. On Wednesday, January 31, people living in Hawaii, Alaska and the western half of North America will be able to see what NASA is calling a “Super Blue Blood Moon” – get your “I Saw The Super Blue Blood Moon and Didn’t Go Blind” T-shirts before they’re sold out. The eclipse will be visible during the predawn hours when the moon is high in the sky. Those in Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Northern California, British Columbia and nearby areas will see the entire eclipse before the moon sets. The rest of North America, will only see part of it.

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