'Ghost' Burglar Hits Liquor Store

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A person disguised by a white sheet burglarized the ABC Store on Highway 31 in Anniston early Wednesday morning, police say. "We understand that it is nearing Halloween, but a ghost burglarizing a liquor store? Really?" the Anniston Police Department posted on their Facebook page along with surveillance video of the burglary. The video shows multiple angles of the person in the sheet walking around different areas in the store. The suspect is wearing dark pants and is almost completely covered in a white sheet with cut-out section to see through, similar to a traditional ghost costume for Halloween. Police also shared a video of the suspect's vehicle, which appears to be white. The time stamp on the car video is 5:11 a.m. and the video from inside the store shows a time stamp of 5:48 a.m. The department had some fun on their Facebook post when asking for the public's help in solving this crime. "Anyone with any information regarding this criminal from the spirit realm, please contact us. But send us am email or shoot us a call, contacting a medium to get to us won't work," they said.

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