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Ghost Experience at The Campbell House

On Halloween night 2010, the cable television network A&E broadcast an episode of “Paranormal State”, a show which follows the Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Team investigating ghost hauntings. Their episode that night featured Eugene’s Campbell House. In December 2013, I was in Southern California when the show was repeated. As it was being broadcast, I telephoned the Campbell House and inquired about the hauntings. There was a cool reception from the concierge that night. They all knew about ghost experiences in the house, but were reluctant to elaborate. Ghost experiences are normal in the City of Eugene. Writer Kevin Baird covered Haunted Eugene with local author Kent Goodman in November 2013, briefly mentioning the Campbell House. Located at 252 Pearl Street adjacent to Skinner Butte, the Campbell House was originally built in 1892 by timber owner John Cogswell, for his daughter Idaho. Cogswell had another daughter, an older sister to Idaho, who passed away at four years of age, before Idaho was born. Idaho, after being widowed, remarried in 1897 to Ira Campbell, owner of the then Eugene Daily Guard Newspaper. Ira and Idaho Campbell had three children, Cogswell, Celeste and Jackson, before Ira passed away in 1904. Cogswell played football with Navy in a Rose Bowl team, was a business owner in Eugene, a naval submariner, and had two daughters with his wife Mary Ruth. Celeste was a University of Oregon graduate, assisted with nursing duties during World War 1 and 2 and never married. Jackson was 17 years old when he was killed in a hunting accident. It’s against this background that our ghost story takes off. Read Full Story at Eugene Daily News.

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