Ghost hunters carry out paranormal investigation at former asylum... & here's what they found

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Ghost hunters claim they were confronted by a foul-mouthed spook who ordered them to get out of a former asylum and abandon a paranormal investigation. Supernatural Staffordshire’s Damon Simms and members of Afterlife insist they were verbally abused by a spirit while examining a stairway, which was fitted with a suicide cage, at the former St George’s Hospital at Stafford. And another member claimed to be held from behind by a ghost, while medium Helen Lawson picked up on the spirits of several children, nurses and patients, including a man called Leonard and another named Stan. Helen also sensed bodies lying beneath a courtyard which was once part of a chapel, and had a strong feeling that cruel acts had taken place within the building. Paranormal investigator and Afterlife co-founder Sean Kenna, aged 24, of Milwich, said: “We were using a spirit box, which quickly scans radio frequencies. It will pick up words, some people will say it is just picking up words from radio broadcasts – but you are looking for an intelligent response. “We picked up some words and we asked it for a name, it seemed to say, ‘Damon’. Then it seemed to say ‘Damon’ again. It went quiet in the next room, but as we went up the stairwell, it sounded like we could hear someone in the distance shouting strange noises.” Damon, aged 43, of Longton, said: “When we started going up the stairwell, it swore at us and told us to leave. Then it swore at us again and told us to get out. Then it said another Viking word. It started to get quite agitated and was shouting things at us.”

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