Ghost of landlady who died in 1893 appears at her old pub to pour a drink?

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Eerie footage of a Bible and a cushion moving on their own has convinced a startled dad that a former landlady is haunting her old pub. Ghost hunter Sean Reynolds claims the ghost of the woman, named Betty, revealed herself at the building in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, while he was filming. The landlady died in 1893, but Sean, 34, believes she was captured pouring herself a Christmas tipple. He is seen urging the ghost to make herself known before alarms on his paranormal detection kit go off. Sean said he felt a blast of ice cold air whisk past him before a camera set up in another room picked up spine-tingling footage of a cushion and bible visibly being moved. The dad-of-two from Liverpool said: "During the investigation of the pub, our cameraman Paul was investigating in the cellar while I was investigating the main bar and calling out for Betty to make contact from the other side. "I could hear strange noises coming from all around the pub and I couldn't explain what they were.

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