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Ghost Pic from Listener JT

Hi Heather Wade. This is JT from San Diego and a big fan since Art Bell. I love your show and I hope it continues to grow. I have never written you or contacted but I wanted to send you a ghost photo that was taken within the past 3 weeks at the famous Whaley house in San Diego. It was sent to me by my sister and it was taken by a friend of hers who was on a family outing in Old Town San Diego where the Whaley house is located.

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Now ghost pictures are a dime a dozen I know but this picture is interesting since you can actually see what appears to be a female in the window behind the two subjects. The mother and her son are long time friends of my sister and she vouches no mental illness or any deceit with her friend or her family. What is more interesting is that the cameraman nor the subjects saw anything or anyone behind them during their visit. They only discovered the aparition when they got home. Not only that it took another friend to actually blow up the picture to see the figure behind them. The mother was so freaked out that she went back to the Whaley house the next day to ask the staff if they play jokes on tourists and they responded no. So I thought you might find it interesting to look at and maybe listeners may find it fascinating too. My sister and I have surfed the internet and could not find a similar photo. My sister is vouching for her friend to be a very honest person. Let us know how you feel and maybe share it with the listeners. Im interested to see if anyone else has seen this Ghost while visiting the Whaley house. In my opinion this is the real thing. Take Care, JT from San Diego

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