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Ghostly Faces in iPhone Panorama

This image was taken at the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara, CA using my iPhone5. I was experimenting with the (then) new panoramic feature. I had already done a once around so I turned camera downwards hoping to end the shot. I took two pictures this same way.

What you are seeing is the ground below & the ground space between my legs. (Lol- that sounds funny). I first noticed just one face but then I saw many more. I also see letters of the alphabet and other scribblings.

This is a dirt ground and I assure you there is nothing written there!

Then, this evening, I noticed what the what the date was when I took the pics. 06-06-2013. Adds up to 666. Yikes! I just had to share the photos!

So... What do you see...?

Thanks for all the mind blowing info over the years. Look forward to many more shows.

Take Care-

Jennifer McGinnis

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