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Ghosts on the Fence

This photo was taken earlier this month while a friend and I were at a local cemetery ghost hunting. We've been to this location many times over the years and have NEVER gotten anything like this.

This photo was taken on film, it is not digital. The image I'm sending is exactly as it was processed from my lab (miller's/mpix) and scanned by them.

The 2 figure's you see appear on close examination to be behind the fence - meaning what looks like film fogging doesn't affect the fence as it should if it were film fogging - the orange doesn't seem to affect the white of the fence.

This was brand new film, bought that night, sent in the next day for processing. This is the ONLY image out of 3 rolls total from that night that had this type of anomaly, and it happened mid-roll (frame 11), so it couldn't be from loading the film.

If anyone is in doubt, I'm willing to send you the negative.

Art I just got the film back from the lab today, otherwise I would have sent this sooner, but I wanted to be sure it wasn't something I could attribute to the beginning of the film roll.

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