Go All The Way - Raspberries

Posted by K R on

I never knew how complete love could be
'Til she kissed me and said, baby

Please, go all the way
It feels so right
Being with you here, tonight
Please, go all the way
Just hold me close
Don't ever let me go

I couldn't say what I wanted to say
'Til she whispered I love you, so


Before her alone, I was cruel and mean
There was a hole in the place where my heart should have been

But now I'm changed, and I feel so strange
I come alive when she says all those things to me

And she says (come on)
Come on (come on)
(come on)
Come on (come on)
I need you (come on)
I love you (come on)
I need you (come on)
(come on)

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