Google X Wants to Track Cancer With Nanoparticles and Wearables

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Google X, the company's secretive arm tasked with dreaming up the future, is as you would imagine pretty ambitious. But in the area of medicine, their plans seem ripped from the pages of science fiction. Today at the WSJD conference, Google X announced a project that wants to track cancer in your blood with the help of nanoparticles and a wearable. Or so says Andrew Conrad, the life sciences chief with the GoogleX lab, who detailed the the project and discussed some of its forward-thinking aspects. Patients would swallow a pill filled with magnetic nanoparticles that would then attach to your body's cells and proteins. These nanoparticles, which are definitely not nanorobots, would then transmit data—such as the presence of cancerous cells—to a wearable, which could then relay information to your doctor of physician. This investigation into nanoparticles is one example of Google's ongoing mission to improve our health and also maybe eliminate illness and aging in the process. Sure, why not. Google also treads familiar ground as its work with smart contact lenses also aimed to make health monitoring, especially for diabetes, much easier and less invasive. via Gizmodo.

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