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GTA V Aliens and UFOs

In GTA V, aliens and UFOs can be spotted around the city of Los Santos. These aliens have large, elongated heads, green skin, and a mouthful of big teeth–and, as all good aliens do, the GTA V aliens came on flying saucers. These UFOs can be found, provided you know where to look. Players have found four UFOs so far. Two of them look about the same, saucer-shaped with colorful lights mounted on them, and FIB markings on top (the FIB is the in-game equivalent of the FBI.) One of these appears at the summit of Mount Chiliad after you reach 100% completion of the game. You must go to the Mount Chiliad cable station at 3 a.m. when it’s raining. This is the only UFO you can see while on foot. The second one can be found in the sky above the Northeast of Sandy Shores, a poor desert town in Blaine County. You must fly to maximum altitude and you’ll see a golden UFO covered in FIB logos. The third alien craft has fuselage similar to a stealth bomber, but in a roughly circular shape. This UFO makes loud screeching sounds as you approach it, and it even begins to distort the player’s world. It can be found above the Fort Zancudo military base. There’s a bunker that shines spotlights into the sky every now and again. You must fly over it at maximum altitude and you’ll see a large, black UFO. More at the Guardian LV.

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