Guy Killed by Alien in 'Alien' Now Believes He's Seen Real Aliens

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Yaphet Kotto believes in aliens. The statement would be easy enough to take in on its own if not for the fact that Kotto also believes he's seen an alien, held an alien, and generally accepts that he's been abducted by aliens. "I've never talked to anyone about it man, this is the first time," Kotto tells me over the phone. "I've only told my wife, my rabbi, and a psychologist. This is the first time I'm talking about it." Understand that I felt special and disillusioned by this whole conversation. My initial goal was simple. Speak with Kotto about his infamous death in Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece Alien for a story and submit. But buried at the bottom of my email exchange with his talent agent, Ryan Goldhar were the words, "he has also asked if you're open to discussing his UFO experiences in the Philippines." I had to wonder what Goldhar was thinking to himself when he had to relay this information to me. This was an immensely talented, multi-award winning, Emmy-nominated icon. I can call him that because he paved the way for future African American sci-fi roles in Alien, and he played the Bond villain Kananga in Live and Let Die—an exclusive privilege on its own. His actor credits list is 95 strong, so his reputation is intact. But despite all that, this showbiz legend wanted to speak about his lifelong association with aliens. While it would've been easy for me to dismiss the request as a strive for attention or simple delusion, the infinite examples of people claiming to have been abducted are out there. Yes, the irony of a legend from Alien talking about real life aliens sat with me, but I listened. Here are bits of that unfiltered, hour-long exchange that made me question whether Yaphet Kotto was telling me an amazing truth or something entirely imaginary.

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