This Guy's Ghost Story Has Gone Viral And The Newest Photos Are Absolutely Terrifying

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You might have heard about a story called "Dear David" lately. If you haven't, prepare to have some really messed up nightmares. New York City-based artist Adam Ellis has been documenting his paranormal experiences of being haunted by the ghost of a dead child, and the footage he is sharing is leaving Twitter speechless. It all started when a young boy with a disfigured head — who had been "hurt in an accident" — appeared to Ellis in a dream one night. Soon, the dream turned into a nightmare when the boy was seen in the artist's apartment. He began to move objects, appear in photographs and sit in his bedroom chair. Normally, this would make anyone in their right mind want to get on Craigslist ASAP and find a new place to live. But Ellis stayed. Instead of running as far away as possible, he decided to set up a camera on his bookshelf to capture any weird happenings. And boy, did he capture them. Using an app that takes photographs every 60 seconds, most of Ellis' newest photos showed him sleeping in a dark room. After the first 100 pictures though, things started to get really weird. Read More, See More: Narcity

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