Hacker says U.S. military has secret space program

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By George Knapp LAS VEGAS - A computer hacker says he's seen evidence that suggests the United States military has its own secret space program, separate from NASA's space effort. Gary McKinnon, a computer whiz from the United Kingdom, says he will talk about it at a Las Vegas symposium the weekend of July 21nd-23rd. According to McKinnon, in 2001, while he was searching online for evidence about UFO's, he accessed classified NASA computers a total of 13 times. But instead of evidence of UFO's, McKinnon found files about a secret space program operated by the U.S. Navy, he said. McKinnon says he even found the names of the off-planet crew members. The president of the Mutual UFO Network, which meets in Las Vegas this week, told the I-Team what McKinnon uncovered. "Basically, Donna Hare, who had worked for NASA, told him about specific buildings where they were airbrushing UFOs out of photographs before releasing them to the public for NASA, said Jan Harzan, of the Mutual UFO Network. "He wanted to go find that stuff, and in his search for that information, this is what he stumbled upon; literally a secret space fleet within the US Navy." Mckinnon was arrested for the computer break in, and the U.S. tried to extradite him for trial, but after an 8-year legal battle, the British government refused to turn him over. Saturday at noon, McKinnon will speak via skype to the Mutual UFO Network Symposium, which meets in Las Vegas Friday through Sunday.

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