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Tue Nov 20 - Hallie Iglehart Austen - The Assassination of the Seas

Will discuss the current state of our oceans and how ancient teachings of traditional cultures including the sacred feminine goddess of the sea, Sedna can help maintain ecological balance on the Earth. www.alloneocean.org heartgoddess.net BIO: Hallie Iglehart Austen grew up on a farm and has lived close to the earth for most of her life. Her lifelong interest in goddesses began at the age of twelve when she started studying ancient Greek language and mythology at Bryn Mawr School. After graduating from Brown University, she drove from England to Nepal and back again over the course of a year which led to her synthesis of spirituality and feminism. In 2001, driven by her love of marine life, she co-founded Seaflow: Protect Our Living Oceans to educate people about the dangers of active sonars and other ocean noise to whales, dolphins and all sea life. Hallie continued her passion for sustainable living by building two model green homes, one in bamboo. In 2010, she initiated Cleaning Up the Oceans, One Beach at a Time.

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