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Fri Apr 12 (Hour 3) - Hannah Barrick - Ghostcircle: Speaking with the Spirit World

Hannah Barrick, will share an inside view of how Ghostcircle works, while combining the thoughts and feelings from some of her favorite haunted places that she filmed. ghostcircle.com/ghostcircle-team-hannah/ Video: Ghostcircle Flower Moving Hannah Barrick is highly qualified in animal care, and has worked as a Vetinary Nurse in the past. She runs her own business providing Animal care, and she also helps out with Cat and Dog minding In her spare time she writes for magazines, and love to go horse riding. Hannah is a Psychic Medium, and when filming with Ghostcircle she forms a great Psychic partnership with Jamie. While filming, Hannah is particularly good at picking up on the spirits around her and the EVPs respond in context to her mediumship.

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