What would happen if ALIENS invaded Earth? Check your Facebook News Feed!

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We’ve asked the experts and they paint a terrifying portrait of a Blitz-style Britain - including mass evacuations to the countryside, emergency war cabinets and a frenzied “every man for themselves” mentality among the masses. It’s hard to say exactly what would go down if aliens invaded Earth, as it’s yet to happen - and might never even occur. And if you're not a believer, maybe check our low-down on all the sightings, conspiracy theories and UFO reports to grace our planet to date. We’ve picked the brains of a former Ministry of Defence insider and a top paranormal investigator to work out what the most likely scenario would be. Picture this: you’re sitting at home watching telly and Eastenders is interrupted for a public service announcement. A broadcaster utters the words: “Theresa May has drawn up an emergency war cabinet who will be briefed immediately regarding reports of a possible alien invasion”. A COBRA meeting will have already been called. Nick Pope, former Ministry of Defence UFO adviser, believes “key players would include the Secretary of State for Defence, the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Government Chief Scientist". That means, in the current cabinet, your lives would be in the hands of Michael Fallon, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach and Professor Sir Mark Walport. You probably wouldn't hear a Hollywood-style siren ringing through the streets of Britain. Today, Facebook is probably the quickest way to alert everyone and it's likely government officials would release information there - and on Twitter - first. Picture a Facebook Safety check, but for “Alien Invasion, Scunthorpe”.

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