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What Happened To AM Radio (That’s Not A Question)

(By Fred Lundgren) On Christmas Eve morning, the electricity went off at our house and panic quickly spread among our younger guests. First, the TV sets went dark. Then, the desktop computers began to die as UPS back-up batteries failed. For a while, we were reassured by the sound of familiar alarms, but then suddenly, total silence. Could this be the end times? Is this the apocalypse? Smart phones were quickly deployed and guests began calling each other from room to room. The panic began to subside when several millennials volunteered communal usage of their wireless data plans. The kingdom would be saved…crisis abated. My wife and I reassured everyone that our electric bill was paid, while we quietly looked up a receipt to confirm it. To be more certain, I asked my son-in-law to go on a neighborhood reconnaissance mission and call the electric company. A few moments later, he returned with a full report. The power was off for 3,000 homes in Katy, Texas. Thank you Center Point Energy. As the younger generation huddled around the smart phones with unlimited data plans, I began to think of the outage as an opportunity to listen to AM radio, so I went to my office and dusted off my old RCA SuperRadio III. I couldn’t remember the last time I replaced the batteries, but to my surprise, it came to life with its signature popcorn sound when I pushed its big silver button. It’s alive! Wow…the AM band was extraordinarily quiet and responsive. I scanned across the dial from 610 AM to 1590 AM. All the stations were as clear as a bell. Then, I decided to press my luck.... Read More: Radio Ink

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