The Haunted History Of Halloween [Video]

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Do the souls of the dead roam free during this time of the year? Are the ghosts friendly? What should I do as someone who lives on a former plantation just off the Trail of Tears in the South? This video illuminates the evolution of the Roman Catholic Church in its relationship to the frustrating tradition of Samhain in the weird, old magickal world. The story ultimately comes home to America where our current holiday finds youngsters and adults embracing both the macabre and the sexy. This piece even gets into the arson-crazed Detroit “Devil’s Night” bombings that I grew up with in the Motor City. Halloween is the one night of the year when many revelers feel comfortable to don the guise of a grizzled zombie or a blood-drenched monster. It’s also the one night of the year when men and women alike find it to be entirely appropriate to don costumes that amount to very little clothing at all. Halloween highlights both America’s denial of death along with its repression of sex — it’s no coincidence that our audio visual culture is driven by pornography and our national economy is driven by an abstract murder machine that we refer to as “defense.” Let’s hope we find some answers here… via disinformation

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