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Haunted Restaurant? Owner Catches Spooky Sights on Video

CASCADE, Iowa (KWWL) — The owner of a restaurant in Iowa believe he’s captured what appears to be a ghost on surveillance video. Owner Pat Orr said in mid-April, cameras at his Maid-Rite in Cascade recorded what appears to be a shadow hovering over a dish washing sink. He said it’s hard to make shadows on the floor yourself in that area because of the lighting, and that some said it’s just a bug on the lens. But Orr showed the video to the police chief after it was recorded. “I basically told him that he probably should call the Ghostbusters,” joked Chief Fred Heim. A second recording was captured less than a week later — it showed a stack of cups fly off a shelf and hit an employee. Judge for yourself on what happened by watching the video player above. For much more on this story, click here.

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