Why we haven't encountered extraterrestrial life? Blame it on false communication, say experts

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Although we haven't found aliens yet, we have established the fact that communicating successfully with extraterrestrial beings is a difficult job. The number of solar systems present in the universe and the vast distance between them makes it extremely tricky to comprehend where to start and how. However, the most important question is what if the methods we are employing are not even comprehensible to them? If intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations exist out there in the universe and if they are trying to reach out to us, there are multiple ways of communication that they might be using. For example, it can be visible lights; if they are technologically more advanced they could use the ultraviolet light and X-rays or it is also possible for them to make use of a completely different wavelength along the electromagnetic spectrum. Recently, a Breakthrough Listen project surveyed around 700 stars in the universe and found out only 11 signals, which could be alien. However, finally, all of them were revealed to be false positives.

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