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Hawaii is about to have a UFO landing pad

The Hawaiian Kingdom has approved the installation of a UFO landing pad and will be holding a ceremony to dedicate the land on Friday. The landing pad will be called the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary and will be placed on the land of Uncle Robert Keli‘iho‘omalu, a Hawaiian Noble. He owns the Uncle Robert Awa Bar and Farmers Market in the town of Kalapana, in the Puna district of Hawaii’s Big Island. You may have noticed that this sanctuary is a project of the Hawaiian Kingdom. You may be thinking that I have been watching too much Game of Thrones and have lost touch with reality, and while that may be the case, the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary is not a project put together by the state of Hawaii, but rather the actual Hawaiian Kingdom. They are a constitutional monarchy who claim to be the true government of Hawaii. They seek sovereignty from the United States, who they say have been illegally occupying the islands. The Hawaiian Kingdom is made up of a monarch, nobles, and representatives. They are currently seeking diplomatic relations with foreign nations and friendly extraterrestrial civilizations. Their plan to build a UFO landing pad has been put together with the help of Dr. Michael Salla, the founder of the Exopolitics Institute. Salla has been a long time proponent of the idea that extraterrestrials have been visiting earth. Read more via Openminds.tv.

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