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Here's What Happens If You're On A Plane And You Joke You Have Ebola

Whatever you do on a plane right now, do NOT sneeze and then say "Sorry, I just came from Africa." First, the flight attendant will publicly denounce you as an idiot. And then the Haz-Mat team shows up. US Airways Flight 845 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana was purportedly met with a whole bunch ambulances and people in blue Gumby suits after the passenger made his joke, and promptly removed him from the plane, according to the video description. Fearing a whole plane full of potentially infected people, authorities kept everyone on board until they could verify that the comedian was never actually in Africa, where the virus originated. Sneezing is not normally consider a symptom of Ebola, but right now government officials are taking no chances at stopping the spread of an extremely deadly virus, so they don't exactly have a sense of humor about it. via Jalopnik.

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