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Hospital Ghost

Eh art and crew. lovin' it...Ok April 2001. So my mom is rushed to the hospital, has surgery, a day later we are in the visitor's room of the hospital and after a hour of starring at the wall, i decided to snap a pick of my mom and her sister..Now this pick came from a Canon film camera at 1/30-100 ISO, no flash... when i get them developed there's buddy standing rite beside mom, in fact if you look closely at it the ghost seems to be apart of my mom, my mom's waist band coincides with his, Moms feet coincide with his or it. Its as if its coming out of my mom. My theory is that rite after moms surgery she was feeling vulnerable, and this ghost was her inner protection projecting rite at me when i took the pic, as if it was guarding her. Also, i dont no what the hell is on the wall behind her.. This pic was scanned from print to digital and a little enlarged to focus in on the Ghost. still have the negative...Cheers.......

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