'Hotel Hell' goes paranormal: Gordon Ramsay gets tucked in by 'Betty' the ghost?

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As is usually the case on world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay's reality television series, "Hotel Hell," his first moments at Connecticut's oldest inn, Curtis House, are all but auspicious. He is told an early check-in is chargeable at the rate of $10 per hour (so he feigns sleeping on the lobby couch). He notices that all customer information, including credit card numbers, are kept in a large red-bound book. And on Mother's Day weekend, he finds he is the only client booked. Oh, and of all the rooms he could he's given the room in the historic inn that is most frequently haunted -- by a ghost named "Betty." As Global TV recapped Monday night's show on Sept. 3, picking up on Ramsay's best line of the episode, "ghosts aren't paying guests." And that's really too bad, considering that the way the owners, T. J. and Chris Hardesty, are running the place, ghosts may be the only entities staying at Curtis House before too long. Although they've only been in charge for the last three years, the siblings have stopped talking, they've alienated the staff (many of whom are family), and they've managed to take a successful hotel run by their mother and father and transform it from a profitable business to a poor house. As Gordon Ramsay notes, the place should sell itself. It's historic (it's 278 years old), it's the oldest inn in Connecticut, and it's haunted. T. J. herself noted that she's seen some weird things that can only be explained by paranormal activity. What more could you want as an owner? And yet, the place is in disrepair (Gordon has a difficult time trying to just get out of his room), there are stains on just about everything, and dead bugs line the tops of the window sashes. More via Examiner.com.

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