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Wed May 22 (Hour 1) - Hougan Sen Moise - The Difference Between Hoodoo & Vodou

Hougan Sen Moise explores the Conjure's history as well as sort out the many misconceptions of Magic, Hoodoo, and Vodou. WEBSITE: conjureneworleans.com Hoodoo Sen Moise has been working hoodoo and conjure for 34 years. He is also Hougan Asogwe (high priest) in Haitian Vodou and Padre Nganga (high priest) in Palo Mayombe. He resides in the city of New Orleans, where magic and the dead have a good deal of focus. Over the years, he has developed a reputation for being very much no nonsense, non-sugar coated and assertive in all he does. He is someone who walks with the philosophy of “you get it how you live.” He travels extensively here and abroad to teach and to work in these practices and is the proprietor of Conjure New Orleans. He is a priest, a worker, a teacher, a spiritual father and an author. All of these things make up who he is and what he does. More Links: festivalofthedead.com hexfest.com

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