How To Spread The Word and Support Midnight in the Desert

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Midnight in the Desert was started by Art Bell, to bring paranormal topics to LIVE late night talk radio. When he retired, he hand picked his successor, Heather Wade. She continues the Art Bell tradition with similar style, guests and music. Of course she brings her own great personality to the show. Heather has grown into a truly professional radio host, bringing significant talent to the show. While we can continue to produce the show for our Internet audience, it's time to shoot for larger syndication, requiring more support from you. You can financially support this growth or simply spread the word through your social media accounts. We need to bring awareness of Heather's show to a wider audience, by bringing the lost paranormal fans back home. We are primarily supported by listeners like you. Please help where you can.

Direct Subscriptions:

Become a Time Traveler: Sign Up Here for only $4.99 a month.

Social Media:

Each day on social media, we list every article we post on and also the upcoming guest on the next LIVE show. On Facebook: Follow and share all our posts with your friends and followers! On Twitter: Follow @ArtBellCom and re-tweet each of our tweets to your followers!

Listen Live and Call In:

You can listen LIVE for FREE each weeknight and participate in the show by calling in and asking your questions of the guest. Open lines on Fridays!

Thank You:

Whether you can become a Time Traveler or can share our presence on social media, we thank you for your time and efforts.

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