Huge Asteroid Vesta Shines in Dazzling New Light Images

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The subdued, gray-hued photos of the enormous asteroid Vesta captured by NASAs Dawn spacecraft last year have received an overhaul. By matching colors to the various wavelengths, scientists have revealed geologic structures invisible to the naked eye while also creating images of the asteroid Vesta that seem more like works of art. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany re-analyzed images of the asteroid taken by Dawns framing camera, selecting different colors for the varying wavelengths of light. "The key to these images is the seven color filters of the camera," Andreas Nathues, framing camera lead at Max Planck, said in a statement.Because minerals affect wavelengths of light differently, the filters revealed differences in the composition of the asteroid that might otherwise have gone unseen. See more images at Yahoo News.

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