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Hundreds of Beach Ball-Sized ICE BALLS filling Lake Michigan

As nasty as the polar vortex was, it made for some spectacular sights. One of the best was the hundreds of beach ball-sized ice boulders that washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan. The incredible winter phenomenon, which was captured by many YouTube videos, takes place when the water temperature falls to just below freezing. According to park ranger Annie Lipscomb, the balls, weighing up to 75 pounds, form when chunks of ice break off the large sheets of ice on the lake. From record lows to record highs: Pacific jet stream to ease icy grip of polar vortex with temperatures set to rise to mid-50s in frigid Northeast Super-volcanoes are like giant BEACH BALLS: Bouncy magma is the secret behind enormous eruptions - and could mean we are due one sooner than thought The motion of the waves then smooth and round the edges of the ice, molding it into spheres similar to how stones are shaped, Lipscomb added to mlive.com. See More at Mail Online.

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