Hundreds of Sheep Commit Suicide to Avoid One Bear

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The problem of animals appearing to commit suicide by jumping off of cliffs seems to be getting worse. Just last month, 13 young cows known for their fighting ability (that’s right – Hérens are battling bovines) jumped off of a high precipice to their deaths rather than face off with an undetermined foe that may have been real – a wolf – or the creation of a paranoid cow imagination. Now it’s sheep. A farmer in Couflens in south-west France found over 200 dead sheep at the bottom of cliffs bordering France and Spain. Unfortunately, the cause may be both natural and unnatural and other farmers are both afraid and angry, not to mention pointing fingers across borders. The mass sheep-icide incident reportedly occurred on July 16, the day before the bodies of 169 sheep were found at the foot of the cliff in Lladorre, Spain, and 40 more at the foot of a Pyrenees cliff in France. A possible cause of the strange death scene was discovered when one of the sheep was found to have pieces of bear fur on it. This wasn’t a sheep in bear’s clothing … this was evidence of an attack. An unusual attack, since the area’s last native brown bear was killed in 2004.

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